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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fresh Veggie Dinner

No new recipes for you tonight.  We had garden fresh vegetables tonight.  I do have a couple of pictures to share with you though.
About noon today I put on a pot of fresh green beans.  My husband likes then really cooked well, where as I like them just steamed every now and then.  All you have to do to have fresh home cooked green beans is put your beans in a pot with enough water that they won't burn after a long period of cooking.  You add salt and pepper and if you have it a piece of bacon.  That is all you need to have some really good cooked beans.  Same thing with field peas except I don't put a piece of bacon in them.
I boiled my ears of corn tonight instead of putting them on the grill.  Just get a big pot that the ears will fit in cover them with water, add some salt and pepper and maybe a little butter.  Very simple way to have fresh veggies.
To round out our meal I pan fried some  pork loin with just salt and pepper in a non-stick skillet.  Added to that was the zucchini crisp that I shared with you last week.  Even though it did heat up the kitchen cooking all these things it was a fairly easy meal to put together and well worth it.  Take advantage of the fresh veggies while they last.  If we don't get rain soon this could be the end of the fresh vegetables.

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