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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I have recently changed the way I have been making my grilled cheese sandwiches.  I guess I was like everyone and thought you had to use the Kraft singles to make your sandwich.  I decided I would try something a little different.  I hope you enjoy it.
All you need is some white bread.  I have been buying the Pepperidge Farms white bread of late.  I have really enjoyed it.  Then you have a choice to make mozzarella or provolone cheese.  I have made it with both.  I think I like the mozzarella best and that is what I use today.  Then some butter and parmesan cheese.
Both cheese make a great grilled cheese and I have used both in one sandwich before when I only had one slice of each.
Soften some butter in the microwave and then all some Parmesan cheese to the butter. The Parmesan just adds a nice crust on the outside of the sandwich.
Spread the butter mixture on the outside of both pieces of bread.
Put one piece in the bottom of a skillet and then add the cheese on top.
Top with the other piece of bread.  You want the skillet on medium low heat.  You want to watch it so that the sides do not burn.  Nothing worse than one side being very brown/burned.
When one side get golden flip so the other side gets nice and brown as well.

 Look at that gooey cheese.
Hope you like this variation of a classic sandwich.

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