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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Easy Kentucky Burgoo

Well we had our first real snow day yesterday.  They had been talking about it for several days now so I was prepared.  I decided to surprise my husband with one of his favorite things from Mark's Feed Store in Louisville, Burgoo.  If you are ever in Louisville be sure and check out Mark's Feed Store.  Great BBQ and even better onion straws.

This is in the same category as Brunswick Stew.  It is a nice thick soup.
If you can find frozen gumbo mix use that.
Start with 6 cups beef broth or a combination of beef and vegetable broth.
1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper
I used about a pound of stew meat cut into small pieces. Simmer the broth and beef for about 30 minutes or so.
A package of frozen onions and bell peppers.  You could use fresh if you have them.
3 cups frozen corn
3 cups frozen okra.  These are the three things that are in frozen gumbo mix.
After the beef has cooked for a while add the chicken.  I had cooked chicken that needed to be used.  If you use uncooked chicken put it in the pot at the same time as the beef.
Let this simmer for another 20 minutes or so.
After the 20 minutes add 6 oz of tomato paste
Then add the veggies.
Stir well.  Add some salt and pepper.  Let simmer for about 20 minutes or so.
Then plate.

Easy Kentucky Burgoo Recipe
1 pound stew meat
1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper
3 cups frozen corn
3 cups frozen okra
1 pkg frozen peppers and onions
1 6oz can tomato paste

Or you can use 2 16 oz pkg frozen gumbo mix instead of the corn, okra, peppers, and onions.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spaghetti and Tomatoes

This is just a made up family recipe.  I don't really know how it all came about.  When I was little when we would have meatloaf for dinner with would have spaghetti with tomatoes.  So the other night I really wanted some meatloaf and thought I haven't made that in a long, long time.  In fact I only think I have made it one other time.  So it was a great time to dust off the recipe and try it again.

A nice comfort food meal.
Some spaghetti, tomatoes, peppers and onions
Chop up a medium onion and some bell peppers.
Saute them in a little olive oil.
Boil some pasta.  I used angel hair pasta because that is our favorite. Don't cook all the way.
After the pasta is cooked and drained, heat the tomatoes in a pot.  No need to mess up another pot.
Add the onions and peppers
Stir and let get hot.
Add the pasta back into the pot.
I added a little of Italian seasonings.
A little parsley
Stir well until most of the tomato juice is absorbed.
Then serve with you meat and veggies.  Yum!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day Indoor S'mores

Last Friday we finally got the snow day that they had been promising us all week.  It was a great day to stay indoors curl up with a good book or movie.  I did both and also a little birdwatching.  About mid day I decided I needed a little treat so I made these little indoor s'mores.

Yes I used the panini press again.  But you could wrap these in foil and place in the oven or on the grill.
 I added the graham cracker crumbs.
 Start by spreading a little peanut butter in the center of the flour tortilla.
 Sprinkle a few milk chocolate chips in the middle.
 Add a few mini marshmallows on top.
 This is where I sprinkled some graham cracker crumbs on top.  The peanut butter over powered the crumbs so there really is no need to add those.  I just thought it would give it more of a s'mores taste.
 Fold one side in.
 Top side down.
 Fold one side in.
 The other side over.
 Place on a preheated grill.
 It doesn't take long for the marshmallows and chips to melt.
 A great substitute for the messy regular s'more.
 On my snow day I did a little bird watching too.

Indoor S'mores Recipe
flour tortilla
peanut butter
chocolate chips
mini marshmallows