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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Pineapple Strawberry Spa Water

I saw this on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and knew I had to try it this summer.  A gathering of friends was the perfect time to try it.  Not only does it taste good but it is really pretty in the container.
These strawberries were good but not Maggie Valley good.  I wish I had some of those sweet strawberries for this water.
Slice your strawberries.
I bought a pineapple that was already peeled and cored.  It made things much easier.  Then just slice it thin.
Get out a pretty glass container.
Put a layer of ice in the bottom.
Then add a layer of strawberries and pineapple slices.
Add more ice.  The repeat the layers.  I ended with the strawberries and pineapple.
Then add water to fill it up.  I put the top on and let it set for a couple of hours.  You can garnish glasses with pineapple or strawberries or even mint.  It would be fun to try with different fruits this summer.

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