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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Homemade Salsa

We love the salsa at Rosie's and thought we would try and recreate the salsa at home.  This was a group project because I need someone for a taste tester that could tell what was missing. I started simple with the plan to add other ingredients if needed.
This is all I needed to make my salsa.
Core and chop tomatoes.  I cut about 5.  When fresh homegrown tomatoes come in I think it might be better.  Homegrown tomatoes just seem to do better.
Cut up one medium sweet onion.
I added a little salt.
I seeded three jalapenos. You can leave some seeds if you want a little added heat.
Put everything in the food processor.
Pulse until you have things chopped as fine as you like.  If you don't want it pulsed then you can leave things chopped in bigger pieces.
Taste and see if anything is needed.  We added a little more salt.  The salsa actually taste better after it has sat over night. The color also became a darker red after sitting over night.

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