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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kettle Korn Popcorn

A couple of weeks ago I posted here the perfect way to pop popcorn.  My friends have been amazed at how good it is.  I have made it for some friends when we got together for movie day.  Today I am going to try kettle korn.  Now you either love or hate kettle korn there's not much in between.  My husband doesn't like it so I used this time while he was away to try it.  Just a couple of notes.  Learn from my mistakes.  You really need to let the sugar dissolve a little more before you put it back on the heat.  And you really need to keep it moving on the eye.  Some of the sugar burned in mine and I think it was because it wasn't dissolved enough.  But I will try it again.

It smells good and looks good.
 You use the same things you use for regular popcorn but add the sugar.
 In a small bowl, add 1/3 cup kernels.
 Add 3 Tablespoons sugar.  I think I will try it with 2 T next time.  I like mine just a little less sweet.
 Add 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil or whatever oil you are using.
 Put it on the heat to melt.
 Add about 3 kernels to the pot.
 Let the oil melt and get hot.
 Add some salt to the oil in the bottom.
 Cover and wait for the kernels to pop.
 Remove from the heat.  Add the kernels and sugar.
 Stir with a spoon.
 See all the sugar.  I should have stirred it a little bit more to melt the sugar.
 Cover and put back on the heat.  The beauty of a flat stovetop is it will be easy to shake on the eye.
 When it is all popped remove the lid and remove from eye.  Be careful there might be a few kernels still popping.

Kettle Korn Popcorn Recipe

1/3 cup kernels
3 Tablespoons coconut oil
3 Tablespoons sugar

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