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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Meatloaf Panini

One of the best things about having meatloaf for dinner is the meatloaf sandwiches the next day.  We have made these sandwiches for years and they really have not changed that much.  Today I wanted to try out the panini press with the sandwich.  Your really need to try these sandwiches soon.

Actually making a meatloaf panini is better than a regular sandwich because it squishes it all together and the meat doesn't fall out as you eat it.
 We use to use Heinz 57 sauce instead of bbq sauce.  I don't keep 57 sauce so it changed to bbq sauce.
 But bbq sauce on one side and mustard on the other.
 Pickles.  Pickles are a must.  Not sure why but they are really good on this sandwich.
 Chop up the meatloaf and put it on the other side.
 Spray one side of the bread with spray butter.
 Then put that side down on the preheated press.  I put the meatloaf side down because I had not heated the meat. Then spray the top piece of bread.  Close the press.  Let cook until you start to hear it sizzle.  Check it to see how it looks.
I turned it a quarter turn so that I could have criss cross marks on the sandwich.  It was really good.  Brings back a lot of memories.

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