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Monday, June 18, 2012

Crockpot Roast

I have had some request for some crockpot meals so this is the first of several that I will share with you. This is one of my family's favorite meals roast with potatoes and carrots.
I always fix my crockpot the night before and put the middle part in the fridge.  I start with a roast, new potatoes, carrots, onion, mushroom soup and milk.  More about that later.
I usually use two cans of mushroom soup so there is plenty of liquid in the pot.  I mix those two cans with 2 cups of milk.  You can use 2% milk if you like.  I always use the healthy request Campbell's soup.  The milk does something that tenderizes the meat.  Since I started mixing the milk with the soup the roast has just fallen apart.  I got the idea from my chicken and potato casserole because I love the sauce in that.
Whisk them together well and set aside for later.
Wash your potatoes.  I have started using the new potatoes that have white, red and a purple potato in the bag.  You can use larger potatoes and just quarter them.  It's just easier to throw these in the bottom of the pot.
Then throw some carrots in the bottom on top of the potatoes.  I use baby carrots because they are easier too.  You can use the larger carrots and just peel and cut them into pieces.
Cut up one onion.  The pieces do not have to be too small.  They will cook down.
Throw those on top and put a little salt and pepper on top.
Put the roast on top and then pour the sauce on top of everything.
If you are using cut potatoes make sure they get covered well so that they don't turn brown.
Put the lid on and then put it in the fridge until the next morning.  I usually put the insides back in the crockpot when I get up in the morning before work.  I let it sit for a few minutes to not be so cold when I turn it on.  Then I turn it on low and leave it for the day.
And this is the end result.  A fork tender roast with potatoes and carrots.  You can pour some of the reserve gravy from the crockpot over it if you like.  Serve with some fresh green beans and your family will love you.

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