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Monday, June 4, 2012

Blackberry Grits

I had been to Another Broken Egg several times and had seen something interesting on their menu, blackberry grits.  I like blackberries and I like grits so I wondered what it would be like.  One day I finally bit the bullet and tried them.  I must say they were really good but I was expecting something a little fancier.  I got the dish and looked at it and declared that I could make that so I have.  If you like grits give this a try.  If you are not sure about grits this is a good way to try them.  Later this summer I want to try them with some different types of fruits.
All you need are some grits, you can use the instant packets if you like, frozen blackberries, I guess fresh would work, some butter and splenda or some kind of sugar.
I a small pot put a handful or so blackberries in the bottom along with about a tablespoon of butter and about 1/8 a c of splenda. I like to use splenda with fruit.  It makes a lighter syrup on the fruit and enhances the fruit flavors. While this is cooking you need to make the grits according to the package directions.
The sauce is beginning to look good.  The blackberries are thawed and getting juicy.  Now we are waiting on the grits to thicken up.
Pour your grits into a bowl and then pour the blackberries and the juice on top.  Mix that juice up in the grits and it is really good.  I hope you like this little creation.  I know a lot of people do not care for grits, my husband included, but give these a try.  Or if you do not like blackberries try them with another fruit.  I suspect blueberries would be good, if you like blueberries.

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