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Monday, July 2, 2012

Citrus Chicken

Crockpot Mondays continue.  Tonight we have citrus chicken.  I think this will be a favorite of your family.
All it takes is a couple of oranges, lemon and limes, a couple springs of rosemary and a whole chicken.
Cut a medium onion in fairly large pieces.
Slice 3 lemons, 3 limes and 3 oranges.  This time the oranges were large so I only used two.  If you have smaller oranges you will need 3. Throw the end pieces into your garbage disposal so that it will smell good. No need to waste them.
And one whole chicken.
Line the bottom of the crockpot with about half the citrus fruit.  Add a couple pieces of onion and rosemary.  This is something the kids could do to help with dinner .
Wash the chicken well inside and out. Stick a couple of pieces of onion and a couple pieces of the fruit into the chicken's opening.
Set the chicken on top of the fruit.
Add a little salt and pepper to the top.
Cover the top with the rest of the fruit, onions and rosemary.  Put the top on the pot and either turn the crockpot on or you can do what I do and put it in the fridge until morning.

After several hours cooking.
The finished chicken.
Add some rice and veggies and you have a really good meal.

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