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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainier Cherries and cherry pitter

For years I had avoided Rainier cherries because I thought they were like the tart cherries we had on a tree growing up.  Then one day in the grocery store they were giving away free samples and boy was I surprised.  They are so sweet and juicy.  I was sold on Rainier cherries.  Now the problem is that they have a short shelf life and are rather expensive so I only purchase them maybe once or twice a summer. I was in luck this week because Publix had them buy one get one free.  So rush out before Wednesday and pick up some to try.

They have such a pretty color to them.
I have been looking for a cherry pitter for a couple of weeks.  Not that I eat or cook with a lot of cherries but I don't like dealing with the pits.  I found this one last night at Bridgestreet.  Just in time to try out my cherries today.  Just what I need another gadget for my kitchen drawers.
Line the center of the cherry up with the stem in the middle and pull the trigger.  I think this is going to be a pit as you go deal because I have a feeling they will turn dark.
Nice clean hole.
There is the clean pit.

On another note.  I was able to get a picture of the groundhog that has been living in our backyard or in the neighboring area.  I posted pictures yesterday on Facebook and there was some suggestions of him becoming a dish for Dinner with the Grobmyers.  I am fresh out of groundhog recipes but I will be glad to take suggestions if you have them.
I have named him Huntsville Hal.  I think he saw his shadow yesterday.

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