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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fresh Cut off Corn

With all the ears of corn coming to an end it might be time to cut off some corn instead of only having it on the cob.  Also when the corn is beginning to end the ears sometimes are not as full and pretty as the earlier corn.  This is a perfect time for cut off corn.  I'm sure most of you out there have cut off more than I have, but this is for those new or young cooks out there.
I just use a regular bowl that I put in the sink but I have seen and heard about using a bundt pan and put the cob in the center and then all the kernels fall into the bowl.  A regular bowl works just as well especially if you are only doing a few ears of corn.
Just run your knife down the cob to get the top part of the corn.  The reason you do this in the sink is it will make a mess everywhere.
This cob has been completely cut off.  Now to run the knife back down the cob to get the milk of the corn.  This is the stuff that makes cream corn.
You can see all the good stuff still on the cob.
Now look at the cob.  All the little compartments are empty now.
A closer look.
This is my completed bowl of corn.  This was about 15 ears of corn cut off.
I know some people, my mother included, that tend to cook their corn in a skillet.  I like to put mine in a nonstick pan.  I salt and pepper it and add a couple tablespoons of butter.  I also put just a little water on the bottom so it won't burn.
Corn completely cooked.
For an added bonus we also had fresh field peas.  I just put them on several hours before dinner to let them cook.  Cover them with water and a little salt and pepper and let them cook away.
See how the water turned brown.  The beans are fully cooked now.
We had a nice dinner of meatloaf (you can find that recipe from earlier on), fresh field peas, fresh creamed corn and zucchini tots.

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