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Friday, September 18, 2015

Does it Work 5

I saw this someplace a while back and thought that could be a neat idea.  So I tried it.
The balloons stayed nice and frozen, especially on bottom, until the next morning.
 I know you are curious.  If you are having a party and you want to ice down some drinks.  Make frozen water balloons. Now you can't use those little dinky water balloons balloons.  You need to use regular sized balloons.
 I know you know how to make water balloons but here goes.  Attach to the faucet.
 Add water.  (It's hard to take pictures while adding water to a balloon)
 Tie it and place in a plastic container.  The container helps keep the balloons until they freeze.
 Ready for the freezer.
 On party day, put a layer on the bottom of your container.
 Add some drinks.
Layer the drinks and balloons.  I have to say they kept the cold drinks cold and the balloons on bottom were still frozen solid at the end of the party.  Not mess.  So give it a try.

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