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Friday, September 4, 2015

Craft Day 4 Elephant Wreath

I have a confession to make.  This entry has been started and stopped a couple of times.  I would work on the elephant for a while get frustrated and quit, only to pull it back out again a couple of weeks later.  Well this week it hit me that it was football week and I had an empty front door. So I either had to refresh one of my older wreaths or finish the elephant.  So you see what I ended up doing.
He is cute when he is finished but getting the ears and trunk just right takes some time and patience.
I kind of made this up as I went.  I have both pipe cleaners and zip ties.
I started with the crimson mesh.  Tie off an end.
Then start working around.  Make the loops as big as you want.
Continue to work around the form.  There are four circles.  I attached to the two middle ones.
Now I am adding some thinner white mesh around as a ribbon.
Work it around on top of the crimson.
That was the easy part, now for the ears. Decide if you want big ears or smaller ears.  You will double the mesh over to make a 3-D ear.  I gathered all the ends together and pulled the edges down.  I used a pipe cleaner to twist and hold the ear together.
Then measure off another piece about the same size for the other ear.
I have both ears made and I am holding them together to see if the match close enough.
Now for the face and trunk. You want it fatter at the top for the face and then rolled thinner at the bottom.
I have gathered one end of the roll and pulled the gathered part down in back. Use a piece of pipe cleaner to hold it in place.
Wind the end together to make the bottom part of the trunk.  Secure it with a piece of pipe cleaner.  I just ran it through all the layers like a pin.
Cut another piece to do the bottom part of the trunk.  Roll it up even tighter.  Insert one end into the end of the face piece.  Attach it with a piece of pipe cleaner if you need to.
Attach the face to the ears with a pipe cleaner.
I have to hang my wreaths to work on them sometimes.  Face is attached and the trunk curves around. It is probably too long.
Glue eyes on the face.
And then hang him on your door.  He is ready for game day.

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