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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grilled Shrimp and Roasted Veggies

Summertime is here and fresh vegetables are coming in from the garden or farmer's market and they can be so good.  The beauty of roasted veggies is that you can use any vegetables that you like.  Try some veggies that you might not think about next time.
This is in two parts.  The first part is to marinate some shrimp skewers in some Zesty Italian dressing.  Publix has their shrimp skewers on sale so I just had to pick up some.  Shrimp on the grill is so good and so easy, especially when Publix does the skewers.
Pour some dressing on top of the shrimp.  Let marinate for an hour or two covered in the fridge.
Now for the veggies.
Some yellow squash in chunks.
Zucchini in chunks.
Red bell pepper.  The red pepper is so sweet when it is roasted.  It has a really good flavor.
My husband likes asparagus so I picked him up some and cut the ends off and put it in whole.
Cut an onion.
I had some brussel sprouts in the freezer so I thawed some, cut them in half.  They were really good roasted.  Give brussel sprouts a try.  If you already like them I think you will love them this way.
Cut some carrots in strips.  You don't want the carrots too big or they won't cook all the way through.
Mix them all up in a bowl.  Look at those pretty colors.
Drizzle a little olive oil on the veggies and toss.
Put a little salt and pepper.  You can put other seasonings on it if you like.  But I thought salt and pepper was good.
Spray a cookie sheet and spread them out on the sheet.  Make a thin layer.  Place in a preheated 450 oven.  Bake for about 30 minutes.  Then the last two minutes turn the oven to broil.
Fresh roasted from the oven.
You can't see the shrimp on the plate.  Pair the shrimp and veggies up with the flat, broke and busted potatoes from last week.  This was a filling roasted meal.

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