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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

National Bake Cookies Day

I know today is National Bake Cookies day but I have had several bake cookie days already so I don't think I will be baking anything today.  I have already posted several really good cookie recipes so if you are looking for something good to bake check one of these out today.

This morning I have also been taking a little trip down memory lane.  I'm not sure what triggered these memories I don't know if it has been the events of the last few days but I was remembering some good times that I had when I was a student in Tuscaloosa.  The first Sunday of Decemember the ladies at church had a Holiday Tasting Tea.  It was always a great beginning to the Holiday season.  I was looking back through some of the little cookbooks that we all recieved last night.  Looking at the names of those women and the treats that they brought to the gathering really brought back some wonderful memories.  I always wanted to have a little tasting tea at my home for my friends but of course never got around to it.  I guess now I look at my blog as a way to have a tasting tea with my friends from all over the country.  So BJ this blog is for you today for sharing your tasting teas with me for so many years.  

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