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Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Cheese Ball

I have made this cheeseball for years.  To say it is a cheeseball is not entirely correct.  I rarely roll it into a ball I usually just put it in a pretty bowl and use it as a spread.  This time I decided to mold it into a Christmas tree for a party.  You could mold it into any shape you like.
This is very simple. Cream cheese, cheese, a little steak sauce is all that is needed.  The bell peppers are just gravy.
I used my food processor this time.  I have found that it works better if you shred your own cheese.  The shredded cheese you buy is so much easier but it will not blend as well.  This is one pound of sharp cheddar cheese.  You could mix cheeses that you like.
I took the cheese out and put in two 8 oz blocks of cream cheese that has been softened.
I added about one tablespoon of Archies steak sauce.
I put the cheese back in and pulsed until well mixed.
Then added some chopped green peppers.  The food processor will chop them even further.
Here it is nicely mixed.
I put it in a bowl and covered it and put in the fridge.  I have found that this cheese mix taste better the longer it sits so I always make it a day or two before I need it.
When I am ready to mold it I take it out and let it soften a little bit.
I used a small star cookie cutter to cut out a star from a yellow bell pepper.
It came out really nice.
I molded it into a cone shape to be my tree.
I sprinkled a little bit of dried parsley on it for greenery.  You could roll in chopped pecans but with nut alergies these days you might want to stay away from them.
The yellow star on top.
Then I decorated the rest of it with red and yellow bits of pepper. Transfer that to a pretty plate and serve with crackers.

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