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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A "Ghostly" Sandwich

Okay I am not even going to begin to tell you how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I will share with you a cute idea that you might like to try.  My mother found this idea in a magazine and of course out of all my cookie cutter I did not have a ghost.  So she found the cookie cutter and was so excited to make these for a church get together.  They were a hit with kids of all ages.  Might be a cute thing to send with your kids for lunch on Halloween.  That is if your kids will let you send cute things in their lunches.
Start with your favorite jelly.  This is strawberry jelly from our favorite place Zehnders in Michigan.
 My piece of bread is large enough that I can get two ghost cut from one piece so there will not be as much wasted bread.
All cut out.  If you have a cutter that is flat across the bottom without the little part I think they will cut easier.
Turn the cutter around to get the second ghost.
Now you have two pieces.
Very carefully spread on some peanut butter.
Then put a little jelly.  I think in hindsight mixing the two before adding might have been a better idea.
The magazine suggested making holes for the eyes so the jelly shines through, but I didn't want to cut holes. So I got out two mini chocolate chips to use for eyes.
Before adding the eyes to the top I dipped them in the jelly to get a little "glue" on the back.  Now enjoy your sandwich.  Just think of the holidays you could do.  A tree at Christmas, a big egg at Easter. The ideas go on.  So surprise your kids next week with a special little treat.

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