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Monday, April 8, 2013

Skillet Sausage 'n' Cabbage

One of the other cooking blogs that I go to often, Six Sisters, is promoting Family Dinner Night for this Wednesday night.  So try and participate in this event by scheduling a family dinner night at your house.  I bet you can find something good to cook.

This is a very hearty meal that probably would be better during the winter.  Once again it is a cool spring day so it worked well for us.
Doesn't take much or long to finish this dish.
Slice the smoked sausage into inch pieces.
Heat the sausage in a skillet to remove the grease.
Chop the green pepper.  You can chop or leave in strips whichever you like.
Chop an onion. There's not that much onion it is just on top of the green peppers.
Measure 1 cup of chicken broth
Drain the sausage on a paper towel.
Put the peppers and onions in the skillet.
Then add 6 cups of chopped cabbage.
I changed to a bigger pot until the cabbage cookes down.
Add the chicken broth.
Now add the sauage to the pot.
Stir well.  And cook down the cabbage.  Add salt and pepper. The recipe calls for caraway seeds and I did not add those.  You can if you like.

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