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Monday, August 3, 2015

Disney Jungle Juice

This week I am doing Disney inspired creations.  Those of you that have been to Disney realizes that it gets in your blood and you like to bring a little Disney home with you.  Whether you have just gotten home, have a trip planned that seems to be too far away, or unfortunately you don't have a trip planned; these items this week are for you.  So spread a little Pixie Dust in your corner of the world this week.

This recipe is a favorite at Disney breakfast meals.  But it is really good any time of the day.
 Start with these three juices.  On the orange juice you control the pulp.  I don't like it so I have no pulp.
 2 cups passion fruit juice.  I love passion fruit juice.  It became a favorite many years ago on a trip to Hawaii.
 2 cups guava pineapple juice
 1 cup orange juice
Mix all three juices well.  Then refrigerate for a couple of hours.  Then enjoy.  I think this will become a family favorite.  Imagine you are having breakfast with Lilo and Stitch while drinking it.

Disney Jungle Juice Recipe

2 cups passion fruit juice
2 cups guava pineapple juice
1 cup orange juice

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