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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Craft Day 3 Mickey & Minnie Wreath

Disney week continues.  When we remodeled last fall we made our bedroom a Disney room.  We had lots of pictures and things that we have brought back from Disney.  I saw a version of this wreath on Pinterest and changed it a little and made it my own.  It looks great on our bedroom door.  I know most people don't have a wreath on their bedroom door but then I needed a place for Mickey and Minnie.
This is the finished product.  
I originally thought I would put my old My Mickey from the early 2000's.  Some of you might remember him.  He would talk to you in the parks and tell you about the rides and things you were walking by.  He would also remind you of the parades.  It was pretty cool at the time.  What I realized after I got the wreath made was he was too heavy to sit in the wreath.  So on to Plan B. The wreath.  You can buy the mesh at your craft stores.  Hobby Lobby has it on sale just about every other week with their ribbons.  Of course the week you will want to make a wreath will not be the week it is on sale.
Place your form, which can be found at most craft stores and sometimes at Walmart, on a flat surface to work with.  Gather up the end of the mesh.  Secure it to the form with pipe cleaners or zip ties.  Whatever you have on hand that you like to use.  I have started using zip ties because they hold tighter.
Eyeball the loops around the form.  My form has four rings around it. I use the two inner rings to attach to. Make sure you make a loop in each section that is marked off.
Go all the way around with the black.  Fluff a little.
Then I made loops like for the mailbox topper.  I used the classic Mickey colors of red, yellow and white.  Made them the same way as I did the topper.  Measure off about 10 inches, roll tightly.  When you get three attach them to the wreath. I attached them with zip ties on top of the zip tie from the black.
One is attached.  Fluff a little or wait until you get them all added.
Work all the way around the form.
Now for adding some ribbon.  I got this wired red and white polka dots for Minnie.  Measure out 10 inches or so.
Fold in half.
Clip the ends.
Then I twisted some florist wire around the bottom. Then attach to the wreath.  I put this ribbon at every other place.
I had this black gingham ribbon that was non-wired.  I cut longer than 10 inches on this because I am going to tie it.
The sections that did not have the red ribbon add this ribbon.
Just tie a knot and let it hang down.
Hang it on the door to help fluff it.  I find it easier to pull and twist it while it is hanging.  It still need something. 
The final touch Mickey and Minnie.  These are the little TY ones. You can wire them in and I planned on doing that put they sat in there pretty easily.  As long as your door isn't slammed they should stay. A nice little touch of Disney added to your home.  You could add this to an outside door easily.  Then you would want to wire in Mickey and Minnie.  You could make a wreath of your favorite characters by using their colors.  The ideas could go on forever.  Just think what Tink's could look like with some Pixie Dust.

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