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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cheesy Turkey Snacks

I saw these cute turkey snacks the other day and knew I had to try them.  I made only one to start with so I could share it with you before Thanksgiving.  I am going to make several for Thanksgiving day.  This would be something that would be fun to do with your kids so they could contribute something to the Thanksgiving meal.  Kids will love them but adults think they are cute too.
Start with a white cheese Baby Bell cheese.  This one is mozzarella but they have a swiss one too that would work.  I used whole cloves for this one but I think I am going to try whole peppercorns.
Unwrap the cheese.  Save the red wax casing.  You will use that later.
Slice off a small piece across the bottom.  This will let the turkey stand up.  I think I might have cut off too much.
See it will stand up.
Now take two whole cloves.  Cloves work well because of the stem that you can push into the cheese.
The turkey has eyes now.
I cut a thin slice of cheddar cheese.  You could use the cheese slices for this.  Actually they would probably work really well.
Now he has a beak.
I used some scissors and cut out a waddle out of the red wax.
Place it next to the beak.
Now for feathers.  Pour out some of the sliced almonds and pick whole pieces.  Start at one end and go all the way across.
Then make a second row behind the first one.
Then stand him up. They look really cute on a plate.  Get creative and try different looks on the turkey.

Cheesy Turkey Snacks Recipe

Baby Bell White Cheese
whole cloves
cheddar cheese
sliced almonds

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