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Monday, September 9, 2013

Traveling with the Grobmyers

A little detour today on the blog.  We went to the Smokey Mountains last week for my daugher's "I don't have to go to school" trip. My parents went with us as well.  I am going to share with you some of the great places we ate and some of the fun places we went to.  If you have a trip planned to the Mountains soon you might try some of these places.  You won't be disappointed.  You might be "honeyed", "sugar" and "sweethearted" but not surprised.
We arrived Wednesday afternoon and that night we went to the Old Mill for dinner.  This was my first time to eat there but a "must go" place for my parents.
All of the dinner meals come with corn fritters, corn chowder, and a green salad.  All three were very good.  The salad was very good and the 1000 Island dressing was wonderful.
An up close of the corn chowder.  It was a nice thick soup with lots of veggies.
I ordered their fried chicken because I wanted to compare it to the chicken at the Apple Barn.  The chicken was very good as was the green beans and potatoes that were served family style.
My parents both ordered country fried steak with gravey.  They enjoyed it and my mother took part of hers home for later.  My husband ordered chicken and dumplings but I guess I forgot to get a picture of those.  He enjoyed them as well.  The dinner meals also comes with desserts with of course I forgot to take a picture of.  I ordered blackberry pie.  It came with ice cream and was very good.  It wasn't syrupy sweet like some cobblers.  I think everyone else ordered pecan pie.  It looked good too.  There were several other dessert to choose from too.  If you go to the Old Mill you won't leave hungry.

Thursday morning we started out at the Log Cabin for breakfast.  Another of my parents' favorite places.
I ordered the blackberry waffles, which were very good.  See a pattern of blackberries here.  I don't get them much at home because I am the only one that likes them.
My mother had apple waffles.
Daddy had buckwheat pancakes with honey and sugar cured ham.  He cleaned his plate so I think he enjoyed them.
Joe had cured ham and pecan waffles.

After breakfast we drove to Cade's Cove to see if we could see some animals.  It was warming up so there were not many out like they are later in the fall.  We did see one interesting animal though.
A black bear.  Just out for his morning walk.
We could almost reach out and touch him.
The mountains were really pretty.  My parents say that in the fall this field is full of turkey and deer.  So if you go later take the Cade's Cove loop.
We stopped at the Pioneer Village at the back of the loop.  Megan is making a wish in the creek.
This grist mill still works and produces cornmeal.
The general store.
If you look you can see a deer way back there.  Or at least they tell me you can.
Well we worked up an appetite hunting bears so we went down to the Apple Barn.  This has been a family favorite for years.  If we go no where else we have to go to the Apple Barn.
They bring out the apple fritters and apple julep.  There is also apple butter for the fritters.  They are still as good as we remember.
The vegetable soup.  Very good but has a little kick to it dur to the black pepper.
I ordered the fried chicken again.  Very good too.  Hard to say which one was better. Might have to go back and try it again to see.
My mother got chicken fingers with their homemade honey mustard sauce
Joe had the chicken and dumplings again.  These are thicker than the ones from the Mill.  Not sure if that makes a difference or not.
Daddy had the meatloaf.

After a very filling lunch, we went over to the Christmas shop.  I love Christmas shops and this one was a good one.

But most importantly Santa was there.  Santa was so good.  He spent a lot of time talking with Megan and going over her list.  I really hope Santa brings everything on her list.
He's the Singing Santa and sings over at the Christmas Hotel at night.  If you are in town be sure and go see Santa in one of these two places.  Tell him Megan sent you.
Just down from our condo was this carved tree.  There were lots of animals carved into this tree.  It was very pretty.
Friday morning we went back to Log Cabin Pancakes for breakfast.  The only order that I got a picture of was mine, cherry crepes.  They had a wide selection of menu items as you can see.  These were very different and not something I would make for myself at home.
After a morning at the outlets, we walked around the Christmas Hotel.  It is new since the last time we came to the mountains.  It is decorated for the holidays year round we have been told.

We went to the Aquarium of the Smokies, Friday afternoon.  Our first time there too.  It was nice and Megan enjoyed seeing the fish.  It was very relaxing and almost put all of us to sleep.

That concludes this episode of Traveling with the Grobmyers.  Hope this makes you want to schedule a trip to the Mountains soon.

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