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Friday, September 6, 2013

Chocolate Candy Molds

I have made molded chocolate for years.  I usually make some for my daughter's birthday parties to go with the theme.  This is the first time I have made some for football season.  That is mainly because I have just now found some cute molds.  They are really easy to do they just take a little time. You can find all kinds of different colors of chocolate at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  Walmart tends to have seasonal colors.  Catch it on sale to keep on hand.
I started out with a bag of white and a bag of red chocolates.
I found this one in Tuscaloosa last spring at Michaels.  The only bad thing was there is a 14 on the helmet.
I found this one at the cake place I found the houndstooth cupcake liners.
White is just going to be an accent color so I will not need that much.  I had rather melt additional than have extra. Put the chocolate that you are not melting today in a bag to save for later.
Put in the microwave and heat on high for 30 seconds.  Stop and stir.  Turn it back on for another 20 or 30 seconds.  You do not want to over heat the chocolate.  I have done this and had to throw it away.  It will burn so be careful.
For the accents in the molds I am using a little paint brush.  I keep a bag of paint brushes in the kitchen to use for things like this. Get a little chocolate on the brush.
The "paint" the details.

It won't be perfect but you can tell what it is.
The accents are painted.
Now on the elephant molds I wanted the little blanket on the the back painted white.  Because this one is larger you will tap the mold on the counter when you finish to get air bubbles out. Because I used white icing on the cupcakes I am doing the elephants red but you could do them white.  I tried to find grey chocolate but could not.
I am going to use about half the bag of red. Melt it the same way.
Stir it good.
I used the spoon to pour a little of the red in the mold.  I used a toothpick to drag it into the trunk.
Pour red into the other mold too.  Don't forget to tap it to get rid of air bubbles.  There will be air bubbles because the mold are large.
The elephants are filled too.  When you get the mold filled place it in the fridge for a while to set.  It just sets better in the fridge than left out.
I had some white left over so I am going to make some A's.  This time I put it in a zip lock bag.  Lay out a piece of wax paper.
Not the best but after some practice they got better. You want them fairly thick so that they will stay together.
Had a little red left too.
Take the mold out of the fridge.
Turn it over on the wax paper.  You might have to help pop them out.
Here they are out of the mold.
Here are the elephants.
Here they are on the cupcakes.
The A's standing up.

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