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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Roasted Fall Vegetables

I had found a recipe for roasting fall vegetables or at least that is what I remembered.  I remembered it had butternut squash in it. It also had turnips in it but that is a story for another day.  I looked around on Pinterest because that is where I keep all my recipes these days and never found it.  Well after the fact I found the recipe I was looking for in the new Southern Living.  Anyway this recipe was good and I have another new recipe for another day.
I kinda came up with this combination of vegetables on my own.  It surprisingly worked out well.
These are frozen brussel sprouts.  I have roasted some before that were frozen but they were smaller and to be honest the smaller ones taste better.  They are a little milder.  The larger ones can be a little bitter. So I am going to look for the smaller ones again.
I had a red and yellow bell pepper.  I really like the flavors they have.  They roast reall well.
I cut up an onion.
I peeled two sweet potatoes.  They are not the easiest to peel.
You will want to cut the pieces about the same size so they will cook evenly.
Here is the inside of a butternut squash.  I had some thin slices of butternut squash last year in a salad.  They had put it on the grill to smoke it a little and put some grill marks but that was my first introduction to it.  So I was excited to try it.  I only used half for these purposes.  I will share the second half later.
I peeled it.  The squash is pretty hard.  Not as hard as the acorn squash.
Cut it in small pieces too so it wil cook.
I had all the veggies in a bowl and I lightly drizzled them with olive oil.  I have used more olive oil this year.
Spread the veggies on a cookie sheet that you have sprayed.  Look at those pretty colors.
I added a little kosher salt
Pepper them well.
I had some small pieces of okra.  I wanted to try roasting it too.  I kept it whole because when you cut it, it can sometimes becomes slimy.  Toss it with some olive oil too.
I ended up using two trays.  Here is the first one with the okra.
Here is the second tray.  This is a good combo of veggies.
Such a good meal, roasted veggies, French onion soup pork chops, and the last of the field peas.

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