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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cranberry Relish

About a month ago I posted a picture on my DinnerwiththeGrobmyers Facebook page of a cranberry relish and said I would be posting the recipe soon.  Well while we were in Frankenmuth, Michigan I bought a Zehnder's cookbook and that recipe was included.  It was so easy! Makes a nice addition to your dinner table.  I hope you give it a try.
Let me start by saying good thing I double checked the recipe.  The recipe called for a 24 oz bag of cranberries and I had a 12 oz bag.  I was planning on a half recipe anyway but thought that would be half of this bag.  Any way it says it can be frozen so if it makes more than you think you can eat freeze it for later.  So I really only used one orange and one apple.
These cranberries have been frozen so I let them thaw a little.  But then look them and throw away any bad ones.
I used the small food processor to chop the cranberries a little at a time.  I wanted to make sure they were chopped into small pieces.
Nicely chopped.  You don't want any big hunks.
That is the 12 oz bag chopped.
The recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar so I sprinkled a little on top of the cranberries as soon as they were chopped.
Stir well.
Chop the orange.  Leave the peeling on.
Nice and chopped small.
The whole orange chopped.  Look at those pretty colors.
Now for the apple.  I chopped it last so the orange would already be chopped when I put the apple in there so it wouldn't turn.  Cut the seeds out of the apple, leave the peeling on. Use whatever type apple you like.  I think this one was a honeycrisp.
Chopped really fine.
Add to the cranberry mixture.
Add the rest of the cup of sugar, and stir well.
Isn't that pretty?  The recipe says you can add some red food coloring to make it brighter.  I didn't because I thought it was pretty enough.
This is the half recipe.  Keep it covered in the fridge.
It taste just like what they have at Zender's.  Now for their chicken recipe.

Cranberry Relish  1/2 Recipe

12 oz fresh or frozen cranberry
1 orange
1 apple
1 cup sugar

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