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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Painted Mason Jar

At the beginning of football season I wanted to make some new decorations for the occasion.  This is what I came up with.  Painted mason jars are all the rage right now.  There are several different ways to do this and I will share the way I decided to do it. 
I wanted a pretty vase for white flowers during football season. 
You don't have to use your canning jars if you don't want to.  They sell them in all the craft stores and at Walmart in the craft department.  Now the one I bought did not have the raised Mason on the front which is fine with me.
The first thing to do is clean the outside with alcohol.  Let it dry.  Now here is when method changes. I wanted to use the jar as a vase with water.  So that meant painting the outside.  You can paint the inside but I wouldn't use water with it.
I bought this at Walmart.  It is paint for painting glass and a wax coat to go on top.
I experimented with brushes. The brush wanted to take off the paint when you went back over it to fill in the light spots.  So...
I got out the foam brush.  It worked better and didn't leave marks.
Get one coat on and let it dry several hours or overnight.  I let it sit overnight.
Ready for coat two.
The dry paint kept trying to come off too when I put the second coat on so very gentle strokes.
Working on the second coat. One thing you can look inside and see where light shines through so you know where needs more paint. 
Let it sit overnight again.
Now we are ready for the wax coat.
Gentle strokes again. 
Let that sit overnight.
Now I want some ribbon around it.  Measure it around the jar.
This is a wired ribbon so fold down the edge so it will be smooth and but a dot of hot glue.
Glue one end and circle around the jar.
Fold the other end off and glue and then glue ti to the jar too.
Let the glue dry.
The fill with some pretty white flowers.  Roll Tide.

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