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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Crock Pot Italian Chicken

This is a very quick and easy recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your house. 
Be sure to add some fresh parmesan cheese on top.
You can use any kind of pasta you like.
Trim the chicken breast.
Sprinkle them with some dried oregano, dried basil, salt and pepper.
Place in the bottom of the crock pot.  You can use these liners to make cleanup a breeze.
Then cover with a jar of spaghetti sauce.  You can use your favorite jar sauce or your homemade sauce. Cover and cook for 6 hours.
When you are ready to eat, cook your pasta per the package directions.
Uncover the crock pot.
Take the chicken out and place on a foil lined baking sheet.
Top with shredded mozzarella cheese.  Place under the broiler in the oven until cheese melts and becomes bubbly.
Grate a little fresh parmesan cheese.
Drain pasta.
Add to the sauce in the crock pot.
Add the parmesan cheese to the pot and stir.
Take out the chicken.
Dish up the noodles and place the chicken on top.  Add a little fresh parmesan cheese.
I like these bowl/plates for pasta dishes.

Crock Pot Italian Chicken Recipe

salt and pepper
dried oregano
dried basil
24 oz jar marinara sauce
1 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
8 oz penne pasta cooked
1/4 c grated parmesan cheese

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