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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Gameday Pepperoni Pizza Panini

With all the bowl games the past couple of weeks you need some of that good ole game day foods.  This was a neat quick sandwich that I threw together for us while we were watching one of the many games.  No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking while everyone else enjoys the game.  This little sandwich will get you out of the kitchen quick.
Yes that is a paper plate.  No one wants to do dishes on gameday.
 I tried fresh mozzarella cheese for this.  Not the best choice.  It did not melt as well or I should say it was taking longer.  It's better on top of a pizza.
 These are ciabatta rolls I bought in the bakery section of Publix.
 Put a little pizza sauce on the bottom part of the bread
 Add some pepperoni on top.
 This is a little fresh parm cheese.
 A couple slices of pepperoni on top.
 Then the fresh mozzarella. I sliced it as thin as I could but it was still pretty thick. I also thought I need just a little more sauce on top.
 Put the top back on.
 Then place them on the preheated panini press.  Spray both sizes with butter.
When the nice grill marks are on top and bottom and the cheese is melted it is ready.

Pepperoni Pizza Panini Recipe
Ciabatta rolls
mozzarella cheese
pizza sauce

If you do not have a panini press you can use a cast iron skillet that has been heated and then put another skillet on top to press down.

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