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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Does it Work 4

Here I am again trying a home tip.  I was watching one of the cooking shows on the food channel Saturday morning and she gave this tip.  So I couldn't wait to try it because it could really come in handy.  I can't wait for you to see this tip and try if for yourself.
 Here is the tip.  When you have fresh corn you know how hard it is to get all the silk off the corn.  Any of you that get the silk caught in you teeth will love this tip.  She said buy a cheap soft toothbrush and brush the silk off the cob.  So I bought a cheap toothbrush to leave in the kitchen just for this purpose.
 Now a lot of the silk had already been removed from this corn. Thanks Elves.  But there was still some in there.
 It's hard to show you how to use the toothbrush and take pictures.  If you hold it in your hand and brush.  You use it like you would other veggie brushes.  I actually think this one did a better job.  I have had the brushes that are made for corn.  This was .99 and did a much better job.
Did it get all the silk? No.  But nothing ever does. This is a very cheap way to get the job done.

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