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Monday, July 20, 2015

Craft Day--Mailbox Topper

We are taking a break from cooking today to work on a craft.  You know it is getting closer to that magical time of the year, football season.  There are only a few things that I have not bathed in crimson and white around here.  Now that we have a new mailbox I can decorate it.  Which means I can decorate for the second most magical time of the year, Christmas.  You can use my directions and use whatever colors you must use, except orange.  It won't work at all with orange! :) My Auburn and Tennessee fans love me.

 You can use whatever materials you want.  I will let you know that ribbon does need to be wired.  The red ribbon I have there was not wired and it would not work.  I also ran out of the houndstooth so I have to get more of that.  Florist wire is best to use for the ribbon.
 These are zip ties.  On mesh wreaths we were taught to use pipe cleaners.  I won't use those again I will use the zip ties.  They pull really tight and hold until you cut them.  This was a package that had three sizes.  For my first go at it I used the medium sized ones.  You can use whichever ones you want and cut off the extra.
 I could not find my masking tape, so I used these tabs to show how I mark off 10 inches. It is much easier to mark it off than try and use the ruler each time.
 Roll off the 10 inches and cut.
 My plan was to cut the whole roll for both colors but I ran out of room.
 This is the frame we are using. You are going to attach the rolls to each of these cross wires, including the ends.  It is a saddle for a cemetery. I found this one at Hobby Lobby.  They also have them at Old Time Pottery with green foam in the middle that you can take out.  If you want to make one of these for the cemetery you would do the same thing.  The sides are bendable to make it fit snug.
 Roll up one of the cuts.  You will need three for each group.  For Christmas I am going to use green, red and either white, silver, or gold.   You can really make it as colorful as you want.  If you want a fall seasonal one you can add as many colors as you like.
 When you get one rolled find a clip or clothes pin to hold them.
 When you get the other two rolled hold them together.
 Then using the zip tie secure it to one of the cross wires.
 Another look at it.
 Since you are using two colors and there are three in a bunch I alternated.  The first bunch was white, red, white; so the next bunch would be red, white, red.  That way you get an even color distribution.

 The zip ties and I don't know if you can see it well has a smooth and a side with notches.  You want the smooth side on the outside.  If you do it the other way it will not hold.  With the smooth side you can really get it tight to hold it down.
 All of the bunches are added.  You can fluff and pull and tug to get them the way you want them.
 I measured off 10 inches of the ribbon too.
 Fold it in half and you can notch the tops.  Wind the florist wire around the bottom. With the other end of the wire you attach it to the saddle.
So I have some of the ribbon added.  Like I said I ran out and am waiting for Hobby Lobby to have it on sale next week to finish it.  I also have a surprise to add.
 I got some pretty chevron ribbon. Cut about 10 inches or so.
 Red and white polka dots ribbon.
 Here is my surprise.  I found this cute little elephant at Walmart for all of a $1.00.  He is light weight so he is perfect for the arrangement.
 So I wired both of his back legs and then attached the wire end to the rack.
 By wiring in the back legs he kinda sits up a little like he is standing on the competition.  (I have watched too much SEC Media Days this week)
 It is ready for the mailbox.
 Set it on top of the mailbox.  Bend the arms down to make it snug.  A hint here, you have to take it off the mailbox to bend them down.
A side view.  I think it will be a nice new addition to our football decorations.  Feel free to email me with any questions you might have about putting one of these together.  I will be making a Christmas one soon.  I just need to find the perfect ribbon and add ons.

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