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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reuben Sandwiches

I love a good Reuben sandwich and have found they are really easy to make. I start thinking of them as St Patrick's day gets closer.
You need some really good bread for this.
Spray one side of the piece of bread with spray butter.  Or you can melt butter and brush it on.
On the other side add some spicy mustard.
Then pile up the corned beef.  This is Boars Head and it is very lean.
Add some kraut.  I know a lot of you do not like kraut but you have to have some kraut.
Then add the cheese.  This is mozzarella cheese.  You can use Swiss or Provelone cheese whichever you like or have on hand.
Then on the inside second piece of bread spread with 1000 Island dressing.
Top it and spray butter on the outside.  I know if you order a Reuben in a deli you will get it on rye bread.  I am not a fan of rye bread but you should try it.
I had my grill heating on low while I was putting my sandwiches together.  Place them on the grill.
Turning to get both sides nice and golden brown.
Doesn't that look good?
Look at that golden bread and melted cheese.

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