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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Apple Nachos

There really isn't a recipe for this dish.  This is one of those dishes that you can use ingredients that you like and as few or as many as you like as well.  So enjoy and make this dish your own.
I like using one Granny Smith apple and then one sweet apple.  The contrast in flavors are really nice.
I chopped some walnuts.  Walnuts are really nice with apples.  You can use whatever kind of chopped nuts that you have or like.
I also chopped up some maraschino cherries.
Before I cut my apple I put some water into a container and then added some salt.  I read that you can use salt water instead of lemon juice to keep your apples from turning.
I used my apple cutter to slice my apples.  I probably should have made the pieces smaller.
I let them soak until after dinner.
I let them pat dry on a paper towel.
Spread out the apple pieces on a plate.
Drizzle some chocolate sauce over the apples.  This is just Hershey's chocolate sauce.
Then I drizzled some caramel sauce around the apples.  You can use any kinds of sauces that you like.
Sprinkle some walnut pieces on top.
The the cherries.  If you have some whipped cream you can add that as well.  I didn't have any at the time.
The finished nachos.  Just like the chip and cheese kind.  You could use pieces of pears too if you would like.  Have fun with this dish.

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