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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crimson Tide Smoothie

Okay that really isn't the name of this drink.  I found it on Pinterest so I don't remember what it's name really is but I am going to call it the Crimson Tide.
This is a nice refreshing drink with a little kick to it just like the Tide.
In your blender add one can of frozen limeade.
Halfway fill up the empty can with Sprite or 7 Up.  This was the only day I have not found Sprite in the fridge so I had to use 7Up.  It doesn't matter they are both about the same.
Pour the 7 Up/Sprite in the blender
Now add the juice of two limes to the blender.  I think when I make this again I will not add this.  It was just too much.  This is where the kick came from.
Next add 2 cup frozen strawberries.
Blend well until there are no big chunks.
It has all been turned into the Crimson Tide.
Pour it into your Alabama Tervis and enjoy.  I found these neat straws at Publix for smoothies.  They are larger straws than regular ones.  These are great for smoothies.
Roll Tide hop you enjoy your Crimson Tide.

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