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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Grilled Onions

This recipe/instructions were a happy offshoot to the bacon wrapped onion rings.  I had pieces of onion leftover so we threw those on the grill too.  When they got nice and toasted on the edges we took them up.  They were great!  So we cut up the second onion we had and this is it. 

See those beautiful grilled onions on that plate. 
I cut the onion into thick slices.  I sprinkled them with the Dreamland seasoning salt.
Put them on the grill, using the grill mat.
Turn them after they start to get roasted on one side.
Then a few minutes before taking them up brush a little bbq sauce on them.
They are great by themselves.  So sweet.  If you make the bacon wrapped onion rings throw another onion on the grill too.

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