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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Finishing Touches

I haven't updated here in a while to the final little things we needed to finish around the house.  We had most of the big things finished when we had our open house in December.  These final things we waited on a while some because we just had to wait until spring.  I think you will like some of the new things we added to the house.

I didn't want to rush and try and schedule our back splash in the kitchen before the open house.  We had too many other things to take care of.  Then we waited because we just didn't want to schedule anything for a while.  Good thing with the winter weather.  I could see us scheduling and then having to cancel and reschedule so it was best to wait until spring.  The guy that came and installed it worked very quickly and did such a good job.  The first step was to set the tile in place.
This was suppose to be a two day job.  Work for a little bit one day to set the tile then come back the next day to grout the tile.  Well he asked if he could come back later this afternoon to finish up.  He left to finish a job in Decatur and then came back and it took about two hours to finish.
Don't you just love the little green spacers?
Here it is finished.  White subway tile and grey grout.

The pot filler is the only thing left.  You can see the pipe sticking out.  The tile had to be finished first.  It really looks good and gives it a finished look.
The plumber came Monday morning and finished the pot filler.
This is how it works.  You pull it out from the wall, turn the bottom knob on.
The turn the top knob on and water comes out.  Great for when you are making pasta or need to add a little water to the pot.  When I am making dinner and am making noodles I like to have the water boiling by the time my husband comes home so I can then throw in the pasta.  Well sometimes he gets detained leaving and the water starts boiling out and I have to add water.  This will make it much easier.
Now for outdoors.  Spring means time for new plants and flowers.  We found these two pot for the back patio.  We love the color and they were light weight too.  No it is not filled with dirt.  A handy trick to keep big pots from having a lot of dirt is to put plastic drink bottles in the bottom.  The bottles are light weight and take up space but water can still flow through.
We have two of these pots on either side of the patio doors. When that sweet potato vine starts to grow well it will be really pretty.
Remember when we poured our patio and we added the space on the side for herb pots.  Well it is now finished minus a couple herbs.  We found lava rocks to add in the space. That will help keep weeds down and it looks good too.  We have a couple of herbs planted.   There is rosemary there in the front.
Another view.  That is a bell pepper plant in the back.  There's a tomato plant somewhere too.
Here's another look. I will update when they are growing well.
Here is our wall, remember it.  The grass is growing well.  It's hard to see in this picture but there are 5 Yoshima cherry trees planted on the top.  Next spring we will have our little Cherry Blossom Festival just like DC.  Wonder if they will let us close our street for a parade?

All in a row.  Waiting for sod up here.  Trying to talk Joe into letting me plant some roses and things up here and make it a flower bed.  I haven't won that yet.
It will look really good when they are in bloom.

Hope you like the new touches we have added around the house.  The trees and flowers will be a nice addition for many years to come.

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