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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chaos Part 4

We left off last time with the foundation poured and getting ready to start building walls.  This part seemed to go really fast as you will see.
I don't know the technical term but they are ready to start on the walls now that the wood is placed around.
First wall is up.  I wanted to have an old fashioned barn raising to get the walls up but no one else would go along with me.
Wall on the other side.
The man cave is framed in.
This is where the French doors will go.
To the right of the French doors will be the fireplace.
The new addition from the back.
The roof is going up on the man cave.
They worked on this side all day.
And had the roof blacked and felted in one day.
Then the next day they worked on the addition to our bedroom.  They took out the old wall and windows, and roofed all in one day.
They took out the windows and the ceiling.  We had a trey ceiling in here and it and all the insulation had to come out.
That is what the new part will look like.
I made a quick trip to the grocery store and when I came back there was no roof on our bedroom.  The pictures remind you of storm damage.  That wall is our master bathroom and closet.  Did I mention is was sprinkling rain when I came home too?  I was really worried.
Wall is out and roof is off.  Won't be long until it will be roofed too.  This will be a nice triple window. To the left will be me a new closet too.
I could look straight up and see sky.  That is a scary feeling.
By the end of the day the roof was on and blacked and felted.
This is what the outside looks like after those two days.
My closet is framed now too.
We still had some odds and ends of old walls still up, but they will come down soon.
All those walls are down and there were a few changes in the ceiling of the new den.  My husband was out in the den area looking one night.  The original ceiling was going to be as low as the old den.  He looked and looked and thought we could do a vaulted ceiling.  He calls the builder on Friday morning and he doesn't think it could be done.  Then he calls the engineer at the lumber company.  Turns out it would make things more stable and we wouldn't have to have the "massive" beam.  Everyone kept saying this beam was massive. It was also expensive.  So on Saturday the ceiling in the den became....
Which also lead us to putting two sky lights in.
The two sky lights have light diffusing shades on them with a remote.  The doors and windows are also installed in this picture. Along with the fireplace.
This is what the outside looks like.
The wall came down in the kitchen and the arch appeared. Really opens up the kitchen.  To the left of the arch will be a bookcase for those 4 boxes of cookbooks.
Now this is what engineers do when they are board.  Actually we were trying to picture the angle on the bar.  We were having a really hard time seeing it.  Our cabinet guy was having a really hard time seeing it.  So late one night my husband made me some kitchen cabinets.
Here is a look from inside the kitchen.
The roof was put on in a couple of days as well.  Good thing the roof was put on before the storm we had last night.

Next time I will share with you some of the things that have been going on outside.  A lot of that work has been going on at the same time as the inside.  Things are falling into place.

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