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Friday, October 10, 2014

Chaos Part 3

We will speed up the action a little bit now. I hope some of these pictures won't freak you out that we are living in these conditions.
They started pouring the footers for the new part. We have had lots of concrete poured during this build.  I think we have paid for one of my former student's upcoming college tuition.
We were told we had "soft" dirt.  Any of you that have tried to dig and grow anything in this red Alabama clay knows it is not soft.  But because it was soft they had to dig the corners of the footers a little bit deeper.
After the footers were poured we were delayed a couple of days because we got the first and only rain during the build.  Also, they had to take out the French doors that were along the wall of the den to make sure they got a nice smooth transition to the new slab. So we lived for several weeks with this hole in the back of our house.  One of my worries before we started was waking up and finding some of those critters that like to hang out in our backyard in the house.  So we had a large sheet of black plastic up to keep out the animals. It did it's job except for the flies.
Foundation was poured and smoothed.  It was interesting to watch from the window.
Here is the same view but with the slab now.  After the slab was poured they started pulling the sheetrock off the walls.
This is the wall on the other side of the sink.  It will be coming out but for now they wanted to get a good look at the plumbing.  Plastic over the door to the dinning room so they could keep some of the dust out of there.  Dust is everywhere. 
Our old fireplace with the mantle and bricks taken off.  That is going away too.  We have a beautiful new one that is started by remote control.
I know when we talking about the ceiling in the old part of the den I knew it would be lower because we would no longer have the trey ceiling.  But I was not prepared for what happened next.
I looked out the door from my cubby hole and saw this!  It had not snowed in the house but it sure looked like it.
The ceiling had been taken out.  I will say the guys did a good job of cleaning up their mess at the end of the day.
Can see all the way upstairs now.
Now the breakfast nook windows had to come out.  More black plastic going up every night.  
The next installment the walls start to go up.  Until later.

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