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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Corned Beef and Cabbage Quesadillas

I love corned beef and usually make one this time of year.  There's always leftovers for those good Reuben sandwiches.  This is a nice take on the Reuben. You can dip the quesadilla in either 1000 Island dressing or spicy mustard.
I used my leftover corned beef but you could use deli meat as well.  Actually I found out that it probably would be easier to use the deli meat.
I used my spray butter but you could melt butter to brush on the outside of the tortilla.
The kraut needs to be really well drained before you place it on the tortilla.
Spread the kraut on half the tortilla.
Now add the corned beef.  See all those little pieces.  They kept wanting to fall out when I flipped it, so slices would have worked better.
Top with Swiss cheese.  I thought I had slices but I didn't so I grated a little on top.
Fold it over.

Let it cook until it is lightly browned on bottom.
Then flip to brown the other side.
And enjoy. 

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