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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Peppermint Popcorn Crunch

The Halloween popcorn was such a hit I found one for Christmas to try.  This year I found the peppermint candy melts and they seemed like just the thing to use with the popcorn for Christmas.
Don't you just love all the different flavors of M&M's that come out during the holidays.  I don't know what we did when we only had plain or peanut.
Pop your popcorn.  You can air pop the corn or use microwave popcorn.  I like to use air popped because it doesn't have the added stuff on it.  I popped a big bowl full.  Depending on how much chocolate you want on your corn can depend on how much popcorn you pop too.
I lined my cookie sheets with foil and then spread out the popcorn in the pans.
I melted the bag of candy melts.
I put the chocolate in a zip lock bag to drizzle it on the popcorn.
I then took some of the M&M's and spread them through out the popcorn.
Look at the holiday sprinkles I found.  When I saw the gingerbread men I knew I had to get them even before I knew how I was going to use them.  I like my gingerbread men.  Just sprinkle it around on the trays as well.
It is so colorful for the holidays.
Once the chocolate has set you can break it apart and put it into your container.  Make sure you seal it up well.

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