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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Germany Vacation Foods

We just returned from a vacation to Southern Germany.  I decided I would take pictures of all our food to share with you when we returned.  Before we left we talked about having a quest for the best apple strudel.  At the end of the pictures I will share with you which was the best strudel.  I am going to attempt to recreate some apple strudel here at home in the coming days.  For the most part our meals were not that bad. I was a little concerned before we left if I would find things that I liked to eat and I did.
I didn't take any pictures of our breakfast meals, most were buffets.  They typically consisted of hard rolls, croissants, luncheon meats, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, yogurts, granola cereals, fish, tomatoes, cucumbers, and on one occasion pork n beans.  I got an answer for the pork n beans but I am also curious about the tomatoes and cucumbers.
Now for the pictures.  We forgot to take pictures of our first meal.  We were pretty worn out that night and just forgot.
The second night we ate at the Pitter Garden in our hotel in Salzburg.  This was the bread basket.  The pretzel was pretty good.  Just needed some mustard.
The first night I was trying to decide between this and the pork dish I ended up getting, so the second night when we went back I ordered it.  This is pan fried beef with onion gravey and crispy onions on top.  Those are potto croquets and green beans with bacon.  It was very good.  Joe ordered this the first night.
This was Joe's order the second night.  Boiled beef with pan fried potatoes.  He said it tasted like prime rib.  The other mound of "stuff" there were spent a good bit of the dinner trying to find out what it was. Joe said it tasted pretty good and a little spicy.  We couldn't figure out what vegtable it could be. The owner was a nice man that we talked with quite a bit on the two nights we were there.  He stopped by and we asked what it was.  He kind of laughed.  It was bread soaked in milk with horseradish sauce mixed in.  We would never have guessed that. We saw it on the menu in other places throughout the week.
Apple strudel #1.  It was there at the Pitter Garden.  It was pretty good.  Lots of apples.  It also had raisins which I could take or leave but Joe had rather leave them.  Had good ice cream with it.
Apple strudel #2. We had this at a little place that we stopped on our Sound of Music tour.  The tour guide raved about the strudel.  So of course we had to try it.  It also had raisins. Not as many apples. 
The third night we were in Garmish.  We ate at the hotel again because we couldn't find anything open when we came into town.  This was a very nice drink lemon mint lemonade.  I decided to try it because I thought I could make it at home.  Believe it or not it had ice in it.  It was very good and refreshing.
The bread basket.  They put ice in the butter dish which is strange.  The breadsticks were pretty good.  I didn't like the rye bread that well.
This was my meal.  Pan fried pork with spring vegetables.  It was very good like a thick pork chop.  The potatoes in the background were with my meal too.
We found out that it was asparagus season.  Joe likes asparagus and I don't fix it so he ordered it. This is the largest white asparagus we had ever seen.  It was served with a fish of some kind. He enjoyed it. No apple strudel this night.
The second night in Garmish we went to a steakhouse that Joe had been to before.  They advertised as an American steakhouse.  They tried to decorate it like our steakhouses which was cute.  We both ordered the rib eye steak and potato.  They were both good.
Apple strudel #3.  No raisins in this one.  Very good ice cream.  Lots of apples. Slightly warm.
We went up the Zugspitze the next day.  We ate a lunch at the top of Germany.  I had a salad.  They brought it in this jar with the dressing inside and I shook it up to mix it.  Very good.  One of the best meals we had.  It came with cheese sticks and bacon.  The bacon wasn't like anything we have in the states.  Very tasty. Also if anyone knows where I can get some jars like this please let me know. I would love to have some.
Joe ordered soup.  It was a goulash soup.  He really liked it also.  His also came in a jar with a piece of bread.
Apple strudel #4.  This was one of the prettiest pieces. Not sure what that orange berry was either.  Joe tried it and said it was very tart and had seeds.  This strudel came with the vanilla sauce instead of ice cream.  I think ice cream is better.
The next day we walked around Fusson.  We stopped at a little pizza storefront.  Called it American pizzeria.  The owner was quite a character.  They make pizza very differently.  This one had ham and salami.  Their tomato sauce isn't spiced which I actually like better and not a lot on it. It was a nice dinner.
The following day we ate a late lunch at the Merecedes Museum in Stuttgard.  We had the beef with onion gravy and crispy onions on top.  Steamed vegtables.  The noodles are called spaetzle.  Basically buttered noodles.  Joe says sometimes they have cheese on them too.  Might have to try and make them at home.
Our last day in Germany we spent the day in a rainy Munich.  We ate at the Hofbrauhaus.  We ate outside on the porch because inside was like a 120 degrees and they were celebrating the Munich soccer team.  It was a very lively crowd.  We started with the bread.  The pretzels were good.
I'm sure you recognize this by now the beef with onion gravy. This was Joe's meal.
This was my meal.  It was  ham and cheese in the middle of two thin pieces of pork and then battered and fried.  It was a lot like chicken cordon bleu.  It also had German potato salad.  I always thought their potato salad was hot but this was not.  It had a vinegar taste to it.  No eggs or pickle relish like we make it here.
Apple strudel #5.  This one had the vanilla sauce and whipped cream with it.  More breading in the middle and less apples. 
Our last meal in Germany was in our hotel room.  We had stopped at a grocery store that had a bakery in the front so we bought some fresh pretzels and a tube of mustard.  Joe had some meat sticks.  It was a nice meal.  The mustard was nice and spicy.

Now for our favorite strudel.  Studel #3 was our favorite.  The one from the steakhouse.  It was full of apples and had a nice cinnamon flavor.  This is the one I am going to try and reproduce.  The close second was #4 at the Zugspitze.  Feel free to share any strudel recipes you might have with me.  I look forward to trying to make it at home.

Thanks for letting me share some of the foods we sampled while on vacation.

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