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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The A.G. Gilbert Heritage Society National Show July 2017

Well we survived the show! We had a great turnout for the show and we appreciate everyone that came to town for the show and also for the local folks that came out and supported the show.  Those of you that came from out-of-town I hope you enjoyed your stay in our wonderful city.  Hope you experienced some southern hospitality and will make plans to visit again.  Local people I hope you were impressed with what you saw.  There were some incredible models on display this year.  With that said I would like to share some pictures from the weekend so that those of  you that did not get to come down and see everything can get a small glimpse of what the show was about.

The erector sign.
 This is a display of the three local builders.  They set up at Southerland Station for about 20+ years.
 Yes you read that right, Atomic Energy Lab.  On the top 10 list of most dangerous toys.  Came with a geiger counter and a little radioactive material.
 One of the display tables.
 Two young men that were learning the Art of the Sale.

 This is an incredible crane.  It would lift 65-70 lbs.  There is a pretty neat story behind this model.  Sometime ask me for the story.  This is also winner of Best of Show and this year's new award People's Choice.
 I love this picture.  This sums up the club. Bringing wonder to the eyes of a child.
Once a teacher always a teacher.  Using a lemon to create a science experiment.
 Friday night we went out to the North Alabama Train Museum and rode the train.
I believe everyone enjoyed dinner and the train ride.
 This is a few of our helpers this weekend.  We could not have done everything we did without their help.  There's a couple of folks missing from the picture.
 Two more of our helpers.
I think this shows how hard they worked this weekend.
 John Chapman was our guest speaker at the banquet Saturday night.  He spoke on the history of Huntsville and NASA.
 The Saturday night banquet.
 The ladies that joined us this year.
Yes this is a cake.  This was the hit of the weekend.  It looks just like the amusement park set.
 We wrapped up the weekend with an open house at our home.  We appreciate everyone coming out and letting Joe show off his collection.

We had a great weekend meeting some new friends. We had several members that this was their first convention and we hope they join us again soon.  I hope everyone had an uneventful trip home and will come see us again.

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  1. Great photos of a great event hosted by two great hosts. Way to go! Brings back good memories of the weekend already. Thanks for posting. - Karna