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Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Roadtrip

I am doing something new today.  I am sharing with you one of my new favorite places to go for lunch.  Think back with me to last summer. had a contest to find the best hamburger in the state.  We had a couple of places listed in our neck of the woods.  But one place that was one of the top 5 burgers in the state is less than an hour away from us.  I have taken a few people on this little road trip and they all agreed it was a great burger.  But burgers are not all they do.  They make a great banana pudding with chopped up moonpies instead of vanilla wafers.
 Yes the place is Pikeville Market.  It is very easy to find.  From Huntsville take 72 East to Scottsboro. Continue through Scottsboro to Veteran's Blvd.  Take that exit and turn left.  Follow that road out to the country.  It is probably 8-10 miles.  It is real pretty country so enjoy your drive.  The road Y's and the store looks like it sits in the middle of the Y.  You are there.
 Order your banana pudding when you order your hamburger because when they run out you are out of luck.
 Small cheeseburger basket.  These hamburgers are made fresh by hand every day.
I wish I had one today for lunch.

Gather up your friends and drive out for a great burger.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday.  Get there early because it does get crowded.

I hope you like this new addition that I will bring you every now and then this summer.

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