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Monday, September 1, 2014

Does it Work?

Our local TV station does a weekly Deal or No Deal on the as seen on TV items.  This is a little bit like this.  I tried out some of the helpful hints that can be found on Pinterest to see if they really work.

The first one.  How well does the mixer chop cooked chicken.
I have seen that you can shred chicken with the Kitcheaid mixer.  One suggestion was that they needed to be hot.  I was cooking several pieces of chicken to shred for the freezer.  So I gave it a try. I put two pieces of hot chicken in the bowl.
Turned the mixer on.
And it shredded it very well.
Let it cool and then put it in bags and freeze it.

The second one I tried.  You have all seen the cookie sheet that looks terrible and using two ingredients and it comes out sparkling clean.
The first thing I wanted to clean wasn't a cookie sheet but the pot I cook my black eyed peas in.  Over the years it has left the pot very stained.  You can see the bottom and sides are brown from pea juice.
I put some baking soda in the bottom.
Added some peroxide to the soda to make a paste. I used a rag and scrubbed a little.  Then I let it sit overnight.
It got the sides and most of the bottom shiny and clean.  So it kinda worked.
This is the cookie sheet I wanted to clean. I used the same paste I made with the pan. I scrubbed some and then let it soak some.
This is how clean the cookie sheet got.  Not the shiny like new that they make you think.  I will try it with another sheet to see how it does.

The third one I tried.
I read that you could put a little bit of vanilla flavoring in an oven proof dish.  Place it in a preheated 300 oven and let "cook" for about 2 hours.  This is suppose to make you house have a nice vanilla scent.  It did smell good nd it was not a strong overpowering smell.  It would be something nice to do if you are showing your house or if you are having a party. This one worked pretty well too.

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