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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Fast and Easy But Delicious Chili

There's not really a recipe for this chili except for the can of Hunt's chili starter.
The beauty of this recipe is that you can just keep adding cans until you have as much as you need.  I like using both the dark and light red kidney beans just for color.  The Hunt's chili start has gotten harder to find but I think the last place I found it was at Target.  I usually keep a couple of cans in my pantry for one of those nights I need a quick dinner.
Saute a chopped onion.
Brown about a pound of ground beef.  Drain well.
For this recipe I used two cans of the chili starter.
I added one can of water.
Then 4 cans of kidney beans undrained.
You can add fewer cans of beans if you like but I like hearty soups.
I add a little more chili powder to the pot for a little kick.
Mix well.  Dinner is ready as soon as the ingredients get hot but I like to let it cook for a while so all the flavors blend well.  See that was quick and easy.
Add some shredded cheese and green onions if you have them and you have dinner.

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