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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Traveling with the Grobmyers: Disney again!

We made another trip back to Disney while our Annual Passes were still active.  This trip was a little different in that this time was an in-between time.  EPCOT was finishing up the Wine and Food Festival so there was no Christmas visible.  Our resort didn't have Christmas up either, but when we ate at the Polynesian on Friday it was decorated. The Gingerbread house was finished at the Grand Floridian but the house shop was not open yet and their tree was not up.  So Christmas was in limbo.  Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood were all decorated. I have a couple of stories to share as you go through my pictures.

First day at EPCOT.
Their display for the Wine and Food Festival at the front of the park.
I like grilling Mickey.
The new Frozen area had some neat decorations.

Ten minute wait to see Anna and Elssa so we had to wait.  When we were there two years ago the wait was like three hours.
Fresh pineapple grown outside the concession stand that sells Dole Whips.
Cronut was my afternoon snack.  They are so good.
We took the Living in the Land boat ride this trip.  I like to see the new ways they grow fruits and veggies.

We ate dinner at the Garden Grill.  We had dinner with Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale.  I am a fan of Chip and Dale and I had my C&D shirt on that day.  They were impressed.
They brought our dinner out in the skillet.  It was a really good meal.
Sweet potato fries that were really good, and mac and cheese with goldfish on top.  That was a little strange, but good.
So Dale comes over to visit.
He decides he wants to stay and eat dinner with us.  He is trying to hide.
When his handler walked by I tried to hide him with my napkin.

So after dinner I saw him again and asked him if he wanted to come home with us and he did.  We headed out of the restaurant.  No one chased us or was even surprised.  I was just wondering how far we would get before they came after us. He decided that Chip would miss him if he left and came to Alabama.
The night of the supermoon and this was the best sight for us.  No supermoon in Orlando.
Next day Hollywood.  Stormtroopers were everywhere
The Imperial March

Toy Store Mania is back open with three lanes.  I might lose in points but I win in accuracy.
I like the flowers.

The Jawas wanted something so I game them Joe.
Another fun character experience with Goofy.  I had on my Goofy shirt and Goofy had balloons and popcorn on my shirt so we were going to go find some.  But there was a line and they wouldn't let him go.
Chicken parmesan at Momma Melrose.  Nice Italian place.
The dessert was really good.  Tart cherries and chocolate very nice.
When we got back to our room the boys had some new friends.
Disney Springs all decorated for the holidays.
They have something new Christmas Tree Lane and there are about 14 trees decorated for different movies or characters.

The ingredient list for the giant gingerbread house.

Magic Kingdom very early.
We took the train tour one morning.

This is one of the neat floats in the parade. We had a really good spot to watch the parade. The second floor of the train station. You can see it from above.

I love the castle at night.
Last morning at the Polynesian.
It was Mickey's birthday.
Our breakfast.
Lil had breakfast with us.

Stitch sat down and joined us.

I hope you enjoyed our trip.

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