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Monday, November 28, 2016

Traveling with the Grobmyers: College Football Hall of Fame

For those of you that know us well know we love college football.  We were so excited when they moved the College Football Hall of Fame to Atlanta from that place up north of which we do not speak. (Look it up if you are not sure where the Hall moved from.) When we were in Atlanta last year for the SEC Championship game we didn't have time to go over to the Hall so we said then we would go back this fall.  This collection is very different from the old one.  This one is very interactive.  The first thing you do is register your pass, you use that pass to access information and they reply with your name each time you scan your pass. 

It is sponsored by Chick-fil-la and there is one next door.
The wall of helmets.  There is no rhyme or reason for the order of these helmets.  When you register your pass they ask for your favorite team and the helmet lights up.
There was a few Alabama things there.
Another view of the helmets.
This was a really neat painting that was in the lobby.  This was taken from the second or third floor.
Part of the interactive area.  There are videos that will show you some of the former players and coaches.  You could stay here forever looking up some of your favorite players.
See if you can find the Alabama helmet.
We have one of these and hopefully we will get another one this year.
Some older mascot information.
A piece of Boise State blue turf.
This wall had some famous quotes from some well known coaches.

How uniforms changed.
Derrick Henry's jersey.
What Clemson's Howard's rock looks like.
They had this indoor field where you can practice punt, pass and kick.  They also so the big games each week and you can come and tailgate.

If you are in Atlanta, especially for the SEC Championship game this weekend go by and visit the Hall of Fame. They have exhibits that change pretty often so you can go many times and see lots of different things.

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