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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Craft Day Snowflake Tulle Wreath

It seems like I have been making a lot of wreaths lately, and I guess I have been.  This one I went ahead and made but it probably won't go on the door until after the first of the year.  I am going ahead and sharing it because some of you might like to make one like this for Christmas.  It is a pretty winter wreath.  I believe they call this one the Frozen wreath. 

I will warn you, I am still cleaning up glitter from the blue tulle. 

I have to confess something.  I had the materials to make this wreath at least one year if not two.  I just never got around to getting it made last year.  I was determined to get it made this year.  You will need more of the white tulle than the blue tulle.  You can use any colors that you like.  You can also make it all white if you like.
Measure off about 22 inches of the white tulle.  I am in the "trying" stage right now.
So cut it.  It's easy to work with, if it doesn't have glitter all over it. :)
Fold it in half.
I am trying a couple of things to see which way I want to make it.  I first tried to make the loops like on my other material wreath.
Fold it around and pull the ends through the loop.
I really like the way this looks.  But you can see through to the foam ring.
So I happened to have some wide white ribbon to wrap the wreath.
So now the wreath is wrapped.
Back to adding the tulle to the wreath. This time I am tying a knot in it.  The loops just didn't stay tight.
So I have added a second.
I decided I would do 5 white pieces
Then cut the blue 22 inches also
And add the blue.  I did two blues to five white.  I will also say I barely had enough of the blue to finish the wreath.
Here it is finished.
I had these snowflakes I wanted to glue around the center.  I placed them on there to make sure they would fit before I started gluing.
Using the hot glue I glued them to the wreath.
They are glued around now.
Now I need a hanger.  I cut a piece of the white ribbon.
Ran glue down one side.
Folded it over and glued it shut.
Attached to the back.
I added a couple of pins to help secure it even more. 
And now it is ready to hang.


One to two rolls of tulle
plastic snowflakes
styrofoam circle
ribbon to wrap the form
hot glue

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