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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One More Project: Craft Room

Here is our latest project.  Thankfully this project was not as long as the last one.  This one only lasted about 3 weeks.  Which in remodeling is warp speed.  I have been wanting to redo my craft room for a while.  During our last major project we were living in said craft room.  During all of that the wall was cracked when they were pulling the bricks off the wall.  So for the last two years this room has basically been a dumping ground for things we didn't know where to put.  So we jumped in with both feet and transformed this room.  In fact I am writing this blog post from the comfy confines of this room.  I hope you like what we have done to the room.

See I told you we had not done anything to this room.
A dumping ground.
Got most of the things out of the room.  Now it is time to live with some paint and see what color would be best.  You can see the curtains at the window.  I found this material when I was looking for material for the other curtains in the house.  I loved it and thought it would be perfect in this room.  So that is the colors I was working with .  I went to Lowe's to get some samples and they were having a sample sale so I ended up with more samples that I thought I would.  In fact the yellow was just an after thought.
The pain on the left is what I narrowed it down to.
I started with these four colors.  The far right was too dark, the far left was a little peachy pink.

So these were the two finalist.  I ended up with the yellow.  It is a cheery color.
We got the rest of the furniture out of the room, the carpet up, and started painting.
The yellow looks really good.
Even the closet.
Then my built in cabinets were delivered.  My cabinet guy custom made these for me.  Again Pinterest was a big help in finding ideas.
He also made me this desk.  I can move it around the room as needed.  I will show you more about it later.
I have doored cabinets on both ends.  Shelves inside.
Multi sized drawers.
I really like this paper hold section.
Now to start putting things back in the room.  My bookcase with some of my craft books.
The chest was my grandmothers.
Here is my desk.  I have shelves on the ends and shelves on the sides.
Pictures are hung.
Scrapbook paper loaded.
My Betty M Hamilton prints.  She is an artist from Guntersville.
More of her prints with my cross stitch prints over them.
Another of my desk.
The side shelves with my circuit cartridges.
Ribbon drawer.
Glue gun drawer
A little room still in the cabinet.
A new holder for my thread.
It's less than that now but it is good to keep up with how many days.
One of my first projects in my room was the cushion for the chest.
It looks nice with the curtain.
Had to add some Disney quotes over the doors.
Another quote.
My second project for the door.
TV hung.
More prints and my Wade collection.
A little touch on the ceiling fan.
And finally.  My Ottlite craft light came in.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the changes in my craft room.  This should be one of our last major projects for a while.  We have almost redone the whole house.  Master bath is next but I hope it will be a while before we tackle that project.

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