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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Craft Day- Game Day Wreath

It's that time of year when it's time to decorate for football season.  I have been making mesh wreaths for a while but this is the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing.  The wreath this time came out nice and full.  I know the crimson might burn some of your eyes but you will have to admit that it is pretty.  
This is the end results.
I started with this.  I found the large A, hats and other items at Design World in Madison.  Hobby Lobby had the mesh on sale about every other week.  Design World had it on sale also.  This roll is red with a silver stripe.  It is nice and shiny too.  I had looked the whole summer one line and in stores for the black and white check that looks like houndstooth but could not find it.
I'm not sure what size form this is.  I think it must be 20 inches 18 at the smallest.  You will need pipe cleaners in a color that matches.  Do this part first.  Around the outside, twist the pipe cleaners at the cross bars between the outer and next inner ring.
It looks like this.
Now move to the inner two rows.  Between the two cross bars you are going to put a pipe cleaner. Run it through the bottom two bars.  Do this all the way around.
When finished it will look like this.
Now open up the mesh.
Gather the ends like this.
Starting on the inside rings.  Tie the end.
Keep a yardstick underneath the wreath so you can measure out 10 inches.  Gather again at the 10 inch mark.  It doesn't have to be exact.
Work all the way around the inside ring.  You will end up back where you started.  Tie off and cut the end.
Gather the end again and tie down on the outer ring.
Go all the way around the outer ring.  Tie off and cut at the end.  Fluff.
Now for the ribbon.  Design World had some cute ribbons that I have not seen anywhere else.  You can use thinner ribbon if you like.  You can use any kind you want.  I started with this Alabama ribbon.  I am starting in the middle.
At the inner ring, use the pipe cleaner to tie off the end.
Work your way around attaching at the pipe cleaner.
This is another of the ribbon that I found.  I like the yard marker field ribbon.  I haven't seen it anywhere else before.
I wanted this around the outer edge.  So I used the outer edge pipe cleaners.  Tie off and move around the wreath.
For the third ribbon.  I like the football ribbon  It is a little textured.
I put it on the inside.  Using the inner ring of pipe cleaners.  Work your way around.  Now this would be pretty by itself, but you can see the indentions where the pipe cleaners are so you can add some flower, picks, or wooden pieces to the wreath.
Here is the wreath before I hot glued items to it.
I hot glued these things on the wreath.  You can lay them on top to see where you wan them before you attach them.  With all the ribbon it is easier to attach them.  I have plans for a Christmas wreath that I will be working on soon.  Stay tuned for that one too.  Make you a game day team colors wreath.  Show you team colors on your front door.

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